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Max Scherzer’s help, splitter command behind Taijuan Walker’s evolution

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More On: new york mets Injured ex-Mets star could sign with new team after MLB draft Mets game postponed, helping with starting pitching problem Experts’ favorite MLB bets today include the Mets Mets starter ‘couldn’t control’ key pitch amid rough outing As Jeremy Hefner sees it, there are a trio of reasons that explain the differences in Taijuan Walker from last season to this season: better health, fewer fastballs and more Max Scherzer.   Walker, who has been solid since right shoulder bursitis sidelined him for about three weeks in April, is beginning to put together another strong first half in a small sample thus far. Last season, he was dominant for the first few months that brought him to his first All-Star Game, then fell apart after the break as his innings climbed and health fell.

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