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Buffalo attack is ‘act of domestic terrorism’ along lines of Okla. City, Columbine: Crump

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More On: 2022 buffalo shooting Buffalo shooting suspect visited supermarket two months earlier: report Buffalo man threatens to ‘shoot up’ pizzeria one day after mass shooting No way the Buffalo shooter should’ve gotten an assault-style weapon Sick excuse: Relatives of alleged Buffalo shooter roll out COVID defense for supermarket slaughter The Buffalo massacre was an “act of domestic terrorism” along the lines of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine shooting and the Parkland slaughter, civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump said Monday. Crump joined grieving relatives of beloved 86-year-old matriarch Ruth Whitfield — one of 10 people allegedly killed by a white supremacist at a supermarket — in a church in Buffalo to decry Saturday’s race-fueled horror. “We can’t sugar-coat it, we can’t try to explain it away, talking about mental illness.

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