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Dozens of migrants released onto streets of El Paso as shelters near capacity

El Paso
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More On: us border Federal judge to decide this week on lifting Title 42 border restriction Texas to train Mexican state on using razor wire for border security Formula crisis typical of Biden — denial and lack of urgency Biden border policy pits US babies against migrant infants: immigration expert About 100 immigrants claiming asylum were released into downtown El Paso, Texas, Sunday as federal facilities and nonprofit migrant shelters reach capacity in the border city, according to the El Paso Times. The migrants were released before dawn, and some quickly made plans to travel on to other cities, while others lingered on the streets of El Paso or at the airport — too broke to leave or book a hotel. These immigrants have cleared the initial steps in their asylum case and are authorized to be in the US until a judge makes a ruling, which can often take years.

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