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Amber Heard’s new PR guru faced sex harass claims, has history of DUI arrests

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More On: amber heard The unfair vilification of Amber Heard Amber Heard recalls meeting ‘real gentleman’ Musk at Met Gala after Depp ‘stood her up’ Amber Heard blames Johnny Depp’s bed poo on dog: ‘I don’t think that’s funny’ Day 16 of the Depp-Heard trial: Heard admits she didn’t donate divorce settlement The spin doctor representing Amber Heard during her legal battle against Johnny Depp is facing his own PR nightmare — after it emerged he has a history of DUI arrests and a reputation as an alleged sex pest. David Shane also recently made inappropriate comments to a Post reporter, calling her “beautiful” and later asking her to meet him at his hotel before a planned interview. Heard, 36, recently hired the PR guru and his company, Shane Communications, to deal with her court showdown with ex-husband Depp, who she has accused of being a boozed-up sexual abuser.

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