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Trump must post on Truth Social first even if Elon Musk lifts Twitter ban

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More On: donald trump Biden sending US troops back to Somalia, reversing Trump pullout Fauci says he won’t stay if Trump wins 2024 election Trial opens in Trump-Russia case of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Alfa Bank’ lawyer ‘Steele dossier’ source up next in Durham probe of Trump-Russia investigations Donald Trump will be legally obligated to post content on his own social media platform, Truth Social, before mouthing off somewhere else — even if his Twitter ban is lifted. The former president’s return to Twitter has been buzzed about since Elon Musk bid $44 billion to take over the company. However, Trump must publish any of his posts on Truth Social at least six hours before posting the same content on any other site, according to an SEC filing from Digital World Acquisition Corp.

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