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Dramatic audio captures Russian warship’s final moments after Ukraine missile strike

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More On: ukraine war Sweden joins Finland, wants in on NATO despite Russia nuke warning ‘We are de-Arching’: McDonald’s to sell its Russian business to fast-food knockoff Polish Nobel author says Russia threat to ‘free world’ Biden must decide what ‘victory’ in Ukraine means — and if he’ll do what it takes to win it Dramatic audio captured the final moments of the Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva after it was struck by a Ukrainian missile — as a crewman shouts that the doomed vessel was “lying on its side” and sinking.  “Moskva-1, two holes! Propeller stalled! Sinking! Lying on its side!” the sailor yells after the warship was hit April 14, the Kyiv Independent reported on the audio posted by Ukraine’s Operational Command South. The frantic crew member also says a hole under the waterline sent the vaunted guided missile cruiser into a roll of 30 degrees.

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