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Elon Musk’s firm Neuralink has the tech to build a real ‘Jurassic Park,’ co-founder says

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Fews App Post Time 13d ago

More On: elon musk Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk top Forbes’ record-setting billionaire list Tesla stock surges after posting record deliveries in first quarter Tesla more than doubles Q1 sales, delivers 185,000 vehicles Elon Musk’s latest venture includes Miss Universe and the UFC Hold on to your butts! The co-founder of Elon Musk’s firm Neuralink says they have the technology to build a real-life version of “Jurassic Park. ” “We could probably build Jurassic Park if we wanted to,” Max Hodak tweeted Saturday. “Wouldn’t be genetically authentic dinosaurs but [shrugging emoji].

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