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Republicans to Biden, Harris: ‘Get some backbone’ and tour the border

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More On: us border Another grim sign the Biden admin aims to hide the worst news from the border Suspected MS-13 gang member busted after crossing US-Mexico border Bordering on chaos: White House mum on Biden response to migrant boy, Harris visit Family of little girls seen being dropped over border fence speaks out Republican lawmakers on Wednesday challenged President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to “get some backbone” and tour the crisis at the US-Mexico border — following a review of their own that saw such troubling scenes as a detention center pod holding more than 15 times the child migrants for which it’s meant. The GOP contingent slammed the Biden administration for enacting policy that has allowed tens of thousands of Central American migrants to flock to the border in recent months, while waving off calls for Biden or Harris to travel to the border to face the fallout. “Whether you’re American or Mexican or Guatemalan, it doesn’t matter,” said Rep.

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