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Derek Chauvin lawyers discovered George Floyd ‘speedball’ in squad car

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More On: George Floyd Defense claims George Floyd said ‘I ate too many drugs’ during fatal bust Why old books get new attention and other commentary Derek Chauvin used excessive force on George Floyd: LAPD expert Death of Mexican woman pinned by cops draws comparisons to George Floyd Derek Chauvin’s lawyers found a “speedball” pill with George Floyd’s DNA in the ex-cop’s Minneapolis squad car — months after it was seized and searched by police, testimony at Chauvin’s murder trial revealed Wednesday. Minnesota forensics scientists said the pill contained traces of fentanyl and methamphetamine when it was tested at the request of Chauvin’s defense team, which found it during a fresh search of the squad car in January. The car had been sealed since police first searched it on May 27 — two days after Floyd’s police custody death — and with the items inside photographed but not tested.

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