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Lazard just told its incoming investment-banking summer interns their program will be virtual, as the bank eyes a broader, hybrid return to office after Labor Day

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Summary List PlacementAnother boutique investment bank is telling interns that they'll complete their internship program virtually this summer, but has plans for a broader return to office for all employees starting in September. Lazard told incoming investment-banking summer interns based in the US that their "completely virtual" internships will begin on June 7 and end on August 6, in a new memo sent on April 7 by Hillary Haber, the firm's vice president in financial advisory human resources, that was viewed by Insider. Haber noted that the program might allow for some optional, in-person gathering opportunities, either to work in the office or to meet teams in some socially-distant capacity for engagements like trainings, events, and performance reviews.

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