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Cops sued for excessive force after mistaking ‘Star Trek’ memorabilia for weapons

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More On: florida Trump denies report that Matt Gaetz asked for blanket pardon Matt Gaetz to speak at Women for America First summit amid trafficking probe Here are the states planning to use COVID vax passports — and the ones that won’t Evacuation lifted following emergency at Florida sewage plant Two Florida brothers have decided to boldly go ahead and sue Fort Lauderdale police for excessive force — claiming cops violently detained them, in part, because officers mistook harmless “Star Trek” memorabilia for real weapons. In a civil rights lawsuit filed Monday, Raymond and Randall Purcell are seeking a minimum $75,000 in damages in the 2017 incident involving Officer Alexander Paul, the Miami Herald reported. Paul and another cop, Officer Steven Pohorence, had responded to the home after Raymond, then 62, called 911, alleging his and his wife’s cars had been keyed by a relative, the Herald reported.

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