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Ex-MMA fighter Tyler East killed after he shot his girlfriend in New Mexico

Tyler East
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More On: mma Bellator’s Showtime debut hearkens back to network’s MMA past MMA fighter loses finger in middle of fight Why UFC underdog can take down champ this time around Gunshots fired during post-fight MMA brawl in Florida, video shows Former MMA fighter Tyler East was gunned down outside his home in New Mexico — after he shot his girlfriend during a “domestic dispute,” according to cops. The 30-year-old fighter — whose brother, Cody East, fought in the UFC — was fatally shot by a man who saw him violently attacking his girlfriend outside his Albuquerque residence in the suburb of Los Lunas on Monday afternoon, New Mexico State Police said. “During the dispute, East brandished a weapon, shot his girlfriend, and then dragged her out of the residence,” police said in a release.

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