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Dad sues Netflix over college admissions scandal documentary

New York Post Fews App News Provider
Fews App Post Time 32d ago

More On: college admissions scandal Ex-UCLA coach sentenced for taking kickbacks in college admissions scandal ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ sheds harsh new light on college admissions scandal ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ hits college admissions scandal on Netflix ‘Girls with Bright Futures’ is a razor-sharp novel inspired by the college admissions scandal A financier charged in the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal that ensnared actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman has hit Netflix with a defamation lawsuit — calling his portrayal in a new documentary about the saga the “ultimate destruction” of his reputation. John B. Wilson, who has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges, his wife, Leslie Wilson, and son John B.

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