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Facebook says data on 530 million users was ‘scraped’ in 2019

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Fews App Post Time 32d ago

More On: facebook Justice Thomas shows how we can end Big Tech censorship for good Winklevoss twins slam Facebook as their crypto business booms Why we’re still falling for social-media scams — and how to fight back Mark Zuckerberg’s cellphone number goes online after massive Facebook hack Facebook on Tuesday said a recently reported data leak affecting potentially 530 million users stemmed from a misuse of a feature in 2019 and that the company had plugged the hole after identifying the problem at the time. Business Insider reported last week that phone numbers and other details from user profiles were available in a public database. Facebook said “malicious actors” had obtained the data prior to September 2019 by “scraping” profiles using a vulnerability in the social media service’s tool to sync contacts.

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