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Nick Saban throws twist into 49ers-Mac Jones 2021 NFL Draft saga

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Fews App Post Time 11d ago

More On: san francisco 49ers This is what it would take for the 49ers to trade Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers legend wishes there was a way to pry Zach Wilson away from ‘committed’ Jets 49ers star’s wife wasn’t thrilled with his pre-wedding Joker tattoo 49ers coach: I’m sure Jimmy G was ‘pissed off’ about draft trade Rumors have run rampant that the 49ers were targeting Alabama QB Mac Jones when they traded up to the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft with the Dolphins, moving two future first-round picks in the deal. However, if the rumors are true, they don’t seem interested in the advice of the guy who knows him best.

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