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Biden praises McConnell for encouraging Republicans to get COVID-19 vaccine

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More On: mitch mcconnell Mitch McConnell defends Georgia voting law, warns ‘woke’ corporations Biden finally unites both sides of aisle — in anger at his $2 trillion spending spree Mitch slapped: McConnell slams Biden’s tax-filled infrastructure plan Biden hasn’t met with GOP leaders because of COVID: Psaki President Biden again praised Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for continuing to encourage GOP-leaning men to get the coronavirus vaccine — as the White House declined to say if it asked the top Republican to do so. The commander-in-chief made the comments Tuesday afternoon while speaking to reporters at a White House event marking the 150 millionth COVID-19 vaccine administered in the US, after being asked what his administration was doing to combat vaccine hesitancy. Biden responded that there were two groups that were seemingly hesitant, the first including people who were “not sure that they’re being told the truth” due to “past wrongs that had been done to them, like experimentation.

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