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Nearly 40,000 kids lost a parent to COVID-19, study suggests

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Originally Published by: Tanzania's new president changes policy on COVID-19, media Carnival Cruise Line threatens to pull ships from US ports Breastfeeding moms who get COVID vaccine pass protection onto baby An estimated 40,000 children in the US have lost at least one parent to COVID-19, new findings suggest, with adolescents accounting for the majority of the total. Researchers from Stony Brook University published findings in JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, which suggested 37,300 kids under the age of 17 lost a parent to COVID-19, as of February 2021.   “Unfortunately, there [has] been a large jump in mortality since then, so I would estimate an even larger burden today,” Rachel Kidman, corresponding study author and associate professor of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University, told Fox News in an email.

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